Bookkeeper Partner Program

One of our goals is to empower bookkeepers and accountants by providing the best software tools. We also acknowledge that bookkeepers and accountants are essential partners in fulfilling our goal of providing UlapBooks to every business in the country.

Why be a Bookkeeper Partner?

By being a Bookkeeper Partner you will be able to provide and offer the following services to your existing and prospective clients:

System Implementation – You can offer to implement the UlapBooks Accounting System to your existing clients or to businesses within your vicinity for a fee.

Transactions Review – You can offer your services to existing clients of UlapBooks to route their transaction to you for review. Since UlapBooks is online, it isn’t necessary that you are near the client or the client is within the vicinity of your operation.

Remote Consultant – Remote consultant is much like Transactions Review, but you’ll be more involved with the client. Instead of just reviewing the transactions you would need to post some transactions or adjustments.

Earn Income from new and existing clients.

When new clients inquire on the website or thru our marketing efforts, your services offered thru the site will be offered to these new clients. When existing clients require your services (e.g. transactions review or remote consultant) they can hire you thru the website.

Introduce new technology and add an arsenal under your belt.

In today’s world of fast growing technology, being knowledgeable to new technology makes you more attractive to prospective clients. You can even charge more since you are bringing a new skill on the table.

Earn incentive on Monthly Service Fee from clients.

If you become a consultant to at least 5 clients/businesses you can earn an incentive of up to 10% of the MSF of the clients.

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The UlapBooks Story

Ulap is the Filipino word for cloud, and we are providing a cloud accounting system proudly made in the Philippines so we are calling it UlapBooks. In our 10+ years of providing software systems to businesses here in the Philppines, we have listened and heard what they are looking for. It has also became our goal to provide and make available the best technology to every business in the country. This system is so user friendly and simple to use, any bookkeeper or accountant could understand and implement it.